Python: TinyXMLtoDict

TinyXMLtoDict (TXD) is a skinny XML to Python dictionary converter which works in Python2 or Python3 and requires no non-native libraries/modules. It was built to do XML conversions for simple data structures (like REST calls)…

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Useful Utilities

Troubleshooting and managing a network is much easier when you have the proper tools. Anybody who has been in the IT world for a time likely has a stash of small, portable, and often free…

RadiUID: Palo Alto User-ID and RADIUS

The Palo Alto User-ID feature is awesome as long as you can feed it IP-to-User mappings. PAN provides agents to do this which work in many environments, but not usually without Active Directory. I wrote…

Back to Basics: Cooling – Part 2

The second [and final] part of the Back to Basics: Cooling mini-series where we dissect Relative Humidity, Calculating Cooling Capacity, and Converting Between Units.